October 31, 2009

We did it!

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Just over half an hour ago we managed to dazzle the audience with  our presentation! As our session progressed we started to get more and more worried, since the two teams right before us showed to be a tough competition. Native english speakers combined with a kick-ass presentation, would be a challenge to match.

However, once Annelien and Bart took their position everything fell into place. Marian has become the 2009 iGEM movie star after the teaser. Also the knight rider theme song was a huge succes and the audience spontaneously bursted out in applause. Bart can replace Steve Jobs and Annelien apparently has a secret American background, according to both of our opponents. The question session was easily tackled by the entire team.

Right now our vanilla team will learn about bioterrorism from the FBI…


We have a visual!

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Lunch (aka the plastic boxes containing a yet unidentified, though edible substance & super healthy chips) is over, meaning that nothing separates us now from our moment of glory (except two other teams before us: a minor hurdle). At this very moment we’re testing the presentation…and sound+visual work fine.

Good thing it’s Halloween, so we could smuggle our red wigs into MIT. Steve ‘Bart’ or ‘Polle’ Jobbs and Annelien are also ready. Will Agrobacterium Tumefaciens or an open window icon be their downfall? No way, because there’s always knightrider to save the day!

slightly impressed!

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we’re at the auditorium where we are supposed to give our  presentation  later  today. it’s big, fancy and innovating…. just like us! keeping spirits high! we’ve seen several presentations so far and we must say that we have some stiff competition!

4h to go!!

He’s alive!

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Today at the restaurant we spotted Michael Jackson, meaning that he’s still around. check out the evidence in our photo section.

iGEM has started!

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After taking breakfast in our hotel (pancakes, eggs and beacon) we put on our wigs and headed out toward the Kesgre Auditorium from MIT. Just moments ago we saw the introduction on iGEM, while we were uploading pictures on the blog for our homefront to see (check the bar on the right).
Right now we are seeing the first presentation of Osaka, Japan. iGEM has started!


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At MIT, where we were practising our presentation for the last time, we encountered some students from other teams. One of those teams was Imperial College, who was in love with our miss blue vanilla. It was nice to know that they had checked out our wiki and even our clips and animations. We’re sure these nice english students will be our buddies at the jamboree.

Pizza, cookies and a presentation as dessert

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No time to waste! We went directly to MIT to obtain our personal cards and survival tickets. Meanwhile, we got introduced to the American culinary culture which can be summarized in one word: sugar.

Our battery was now fully recharged, so there was no problem to overtake a real MIT classroom (but without the professors). And our presentation was -as usual- awesome: it was projected on three adjacent screens, so even people with a third eye were taken into account. To finish our stay in MIT (and because we couldn’t get enough of it) we then hid in a state of the art conference room and presented our project again. Be prepared other teams: because I know we are!

But now, let’s get some sleep

October 30, 2009

Boston, here we come!

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We had a long day ahead of us and it was just getting longer: our train to the airport was delayed. The explanation was ” that there was a problem with The Doors”. Yes well, we all know their lead singer Jim Morrisson is dead, but as far as I know, that has got nothing to do with the train.

The plane didn’t disappoint us either: it was also late. Moreover: it wasn’t Bart Proof as the pilot was about to find out. Only one guy was specifically asked in English (cunningly he declared he didn’t speak Dutch) to please sit down: our Bart. The pilot, mister Pain was his name, learned it the hard way.

Another thing we learned was that someone had issued an international search order for Inge. Three tims she failed to go through customs without being checked.

It may be near Halloween now, but something as strange as a moving city is really weird. According to mister Pain (still impressed by Bart no doubt) Boston was in Pennsylvania. Luckily when we landed, we saw it was all just a bad dream: we arrived in Massachussetts.

October 28, 2009

iGEM happening: it happened!

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If Essencia coli was really contagious, it would have caused a pandemic Monday at the happening. Friends and foes (not that we have any), family and fans (we have many): all were impressed by our fabulous project. From now on these people can officially say: “I know what you did last summer…”. Why? Because the presentation was so good that even people who bought the book “Essencia coli for dummies” could grasp the concept! Moreover, even the hardest questions got an answer.  It was a clear case of veni, vidi, vidi. By the way, I just want a moment to focus your attention on a new feature on this blog (yes, we are innovative): the 2009 pics are available. Just look right in the sidebar and relive the happening on Monday. Finally, to continue this panegyric, we will make you a promise, dear reader: first we took Leuven, but Saturday we will take Boston!

October 23, 2009

Knight Rider is back!

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… and how! No vehicle is fast enough to stop our presenters from scoring positive comments on the brand new presentation; not even if you by any chance own a talking car. The figures were re-designed, the animations came alive, new icons were shown (who could forget the old smelly lady?) and we even had home-made movies. But most important: the knight rider theme is back!

Fans of old-series-starring-talking-cars, fans of iGEM, fans of vanilla and fans of us: join us for the ultimate rehearsal in front of the Leuven audience on Mondag during the happening.

We might even show our new team clothes…

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