October 28, 2008

Test presentation 2

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Test presentation number 2 starts in less than an hour. Let’s hope the clock does not start ticking too fast, or the animations go bananas (like previous time). I’m sure of one thing: we are better prepared (allthough there is still a lot of work).


October 22, 2008

Test presentation

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This afternoon, we had our first test-presentation for the faculty staff. They provided us with a lot of interesting feedback on the presentation. We will, in the following days, work on that presentation to refine it. The most difficult thing will without doubt be to reduce the length to 20 minutes or less. Time to go to bed, so we can do a lot of work tomorrow.

Welcome to the KULeuven IGEM 2008 Blog!

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Hi! We are the KULeuven iGEM 2008 team. iGEM, or the international Genetically Engineered Machines competition is a multidisciplinary student competition in synthetic biology that is organised by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We are the first Belgian team that will participate in this competition. If you want to know more about our team and our project Dr. Coli, check out our wiki at http://2008.igem.org/Team:KULeuven! In a few weeks, we will go to the MIT in Boston for the closing jamboree on November 8th and 9th. So check again for news and pictures!